Jackson Kayak Fishing Open 2014 (English text)

A really nice event with a lot of nice people, fishing and fine food was the thing that happened last weekend.

It was not until late on friday-evening me and Jacob arrived to Karlskrona at Senoren. Most of the people already had gone to bed for the upcoming day. And so did we after we´ve had a thougt about the coming two days of competition.


The next morning all the competitors met outside the fishingshop at Pikestrike for preparing to the competition and have a talk with other anglers.

When all the info, mesuring-boards and start-cards was given to all the anglers. Gunnar started the competition 8,30 in the morning with the honk on his car. And all the excited kayakanglers drove away to different places.

Me and Jacob had loaded our kayaks we´ve had borrow from Gunnar on a trailer, and was steering against our concieved fishingspot.

The kayaks we would be fishing from during the weekend was one Jackson Cruise wich I fished from and Jacob from a Rönnest with pontons.

It was 46 competitors from a total of five countries if I´m not remembering wrong. Who would go for catching the two biggest pikes over 80cm in length during the weekend.

Something I liked with this competition was that all the prizes were raffled. Just because everyone would have the same opportunity to win all the nice prizes. For example the Jackson Cruise 10 as the biggest prize.

The one who were placed on a top three position would get a handmade trophy of a pike in ceramik. This trophy were in three different sizes for the respective position. These were made by one competitor who´d came all the way from The Czech Republic.

When we arrived to our concieved destination and started the fishing, we almost immediately catched a couple of Jacks. But it felt like a good place for the day.

We paddled and fished on for a while without any accepted fish. I wanted to try the other side of the area we were fishing so we moved our kayaks to that place. When we just came over the side we saw a boat fishing on the place we were about to target.

Jacob was just complaining and thought that we should drive to another place. But I said no thou I had a really bad headache and a terrible cold, plus that I didn´t want to change the fishing area.

A little winy.. Jacob paddled inways and I was going out against a place I thought could be a good spot.

Pretty quick I had  potential accepted fish with some abscess on the back following my bait.
I took some more cast in different angles, and in one of them I got a really hard strike in the surface by a fish which I didn´t saw how big it was.

The fish in any case got hooked by a rockhard hookset and the fish started to take line and drag the kayak against itself. Even though the anchor was in the water.

At first i believed that the fish had been hooked in the side. Because the line got stuck in a lot of weed and the fish swammed a bit beside were the line was going down the surface.

But so wrong I thought!
When I got a sight of the fish, it wasn´t a small fish hooked in the side. It was a massive, high fish, who in a first sight looked like a possible 20Lbs braker..

A lot of yelling to Jacob and a handfull runs by the pike later. I had landed the fish and Jacob had towed me in to the shore.

Fourth time fishing in a kayak, so there were a bit of chaos…

IMG_0731 IMG_725 Redigerad

As you see in the pictures, it was the one and only ”Baggebetet” who got this magnific lady to take a bite. This bait just doesn´t stop amaze!..

The pike ended up on 107cm in length and 9550grams in weight (Just over 21lbs). Such a beautiful fish from a Kayak just isn´t something who weigh down the lips.

The pike swammed back in the right direction and we were happy.
Jacob though, were just happy for a little while before the yellousy took over.. He had pike-anxiety so to speak.

After a hole bunch of wining and pounding I succeeded to guide him to one accepted fish just on the 80-mark. Then he got a bit happier!

He was forced to try adifferent spot on the way back for ten minutes, wothout even a bite. So nessecary Jacob! 😉

We came back with just a few minutes until the last time to report. The fishing seemed to had been tricky for almost everyone.

During the evening there were really nice food, lecture and movie by Joel Abrahamsson about his sick expedition to Andorya in Norway. Were he inofficial broke the world record for the biggest fish ever caught from a kayak, with a Greenland Shark on 566kg. (Over 1200lbs).

You people who hasn´t seen the movie, see it here – Andörya World Record Expedition

Sundays menu – Boar stew with rice and salad.. Wonderful!


The sunday started as the day before with Gunnar honk to start the competition in the morning, though this morning without the pretalk.

This day we tried a different spot and it started with only some small hits.
After a while we found the fish. Of course you got a couple of better fish to bite, but then miss them in the hookset..

We lost a lot of tails from our softbaits this day, though the pike wasn´t so hungry.

I ended the day without one single fish braking the 80cm. Jacob got three accepted on 80, 82 and 82cm.


Later in the evening we would find out that this should go all the way to a second place for Jacob and a third for me! And that my big pike was the biggest of the hole event.
The winner had one fish on 82cm and one on 87cm since saturdays fishing.


(The picture is borrowed from Stinger Productions who also was filming during the event)
Keep a look after movies from them! Awesome guys..

This so to say, means the fishing were really tricky for almost everyone during the competition. There were five persons who´d got fish over 80cm under the weekend, but some who had got a lot of small pikes.

Thank you all involved for a great and nice event. And a big thank you to Gunnar on PikeStrike who organized the hole thing!!

If you want to try kayakangling, don´t hesitate to get in contact with Gunnar. He will help you happily with questions and other things around this nice thing to do.

I´ll see you next year!
And you guys who haven´t tried fish from a kayak. Do it! I´m just saying, it´s awesome!

Wonder how long it takes before I am a owner of a fishing kayak…


//The Jerkoholic


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